by Landbridge

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released February 12, 2012




Landbridge Florida

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Track Name: No Contentment
You built these walls, and you deny us advancement.
You've provided chains for our security.
How long will we allow you to treat us like squalor?
Torn from what is real and cast into a pseudo world.
a life of enslavement, freedom withheld.
endless subservience is all that we know
shackles are broken, all chaos unleashed
there is no place for misery in our hearts
What is real to me is dangerous to you.
What is beautiful to me is a threat to your existence.
Your vision is our servitude, content with a life of submission.
Our flames will engulf their monuments of tyranny.
No contentment
Are these our lives?
To slave and mourn
until we die.
Track Name: Nothing Sacred
That's enough of your domination.
We're begging you to cease this destruction.
We've seen enough of your desecration.
Is nothing sacred?
At your hands, cultures are dying.
disappearing forever
You're blinded by your greed
as you continue your murderous plans.
Our hands shake, our hearts sink
Disbelief and despair
Can you feel their pain, their poverty?
The blood of the innocent is on your hands.
You are well aware of the sadness you cause.
and still you continue...your murderous plans.
Track Name: Inventors of Sin
Ashamed of our nakedness.
Accursed tillers of the earth.
A doomed future of pain and suffering.
An unyielding dogma that must be crushed.
A story created by the ruling elite,
to build support for their failing system.
A way of life, our bodies tell us to resist.
A myth installed into our history.
Why must we work to live?
Why does it never feel right?
A man made god with one law to follow.
One law to break, fallen from grace.
Banished and alienated, forced to toil
until your death.
Why must we pay for sins that don't exist?
Shame, remorse.
Inventors of sin.