Split LP with Autarch

by Landbridge

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I dream of endless horizons beyond a ruined earth, a poisoned existence. We stand with clenched fists in the face of oblivion. Where chaos reigns, nature is free. You imagine endless destruction. All lifeforms enslaved. The innocent suffocate so that you may breathe. You dream of power and control. All I want is to let go. You won't stop. We won't stop. A shackle upon all life. Every stem has been cut. *Stop trying to control everything around you. Stop pretending that you can survive by destroying the planet that sustains you. One day we will wish we had and it will be too late.
We set ourselves on fire. We never wanted to live your lives of despair. The options that you present do not appeal to me. Caught up in the hatred of ourselves too long. A cycle of misery and suffocation. Seeking autonomy from the hands that strike us. There is no clear path. Subdued / self-inflicted / subjugation. How long until we realize that this is not living? Freedom is a grave. I long for the embrace. One day we may dance upon the graves of men who we once feared. *I hope that one day I can feel true freedom but I fear that it may only exist in death.
Convoluted 03:45
Convoluted in this wasted world. The misery of our greed. It’s in the chemicals that we breathe. Submission. Whips and chains wreak havoc. Bodies burning in the factories. Blood is spilled for the sake of you and me. Fallen from the grace of your god. Submitting like a dog on all fours. How can you go on? I can’t go on. Talking just to talk. We’re convoluted.
I want to lie amongst these ferns. A forest that once was, now surrounded by plague. The decay of purity. The thunder of progress looming over us. Tools of destruction penetrate our lives. Is this all that is left of what once was here? What have we done? We’ve become deaf, blind and dumb. Where is the respect and humility? Bow to these trees. Fall to the dirt that feeds. I will fall on my blade. Broken, abused, punished. What is left of what once was here? *The earth has been giving us everything we need, for as long as life has existed on it and in return we are killing it. What an insult.


Vinyl will be available in early may via:

Alerta Antifascista Records (Europe)
Replenish Records (US)
IFB Records (US)


released February 23, 2017

mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering
artwork by Alex CF




Landbridge Florida

You can contact Landbridge at landbridgerocknroll@gmail.com.

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